About Relationships

Relationships can be a source of great joy, but if they go wrong they can often cause great pain. Relationships change over time and adjusting to these changes can also be problematic. Relationship problems come in many different forms:


Conflicts in relationships are very common, but it is how we deal with these conflicts that matters. Resolving arguments quickly and dealing with differences in attitudes towards children, money and beliefs about politics and religion needs self-awareness and skills. 

Counselling can help you develop these.


Relationships can sometimes be put under strain when people experience trauma such as bereavement, breakdown, affairs (or suspected affairs), illness, or financial problems.

Counselling can help you find coping mechanisms to deal with these.


Some relationships are co-dependent; this means that people have an excessive emotional or psychological reliance on their partner.  Typically, one person who needs approval supports the other who may have problems like addiction or emotional and mental problems and revolves their life around that other person.  Co-dependents often feel guilty and frustrated for not being able to fix the other persons problems, then feel resentment about not catering to their own needs.  This type of dependency is unhealthy and does not describe the healthy care and concern that people in more balanced relationships have for each other, which can make the relationship worse.

Counselling can help co-dependents find ways to become more independent and assertive in their relationships.

CBT Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

CBT focuses on individual responses to situations, and takes you through a series of exercises that allow you to see how your beliefs and perceptions about the other person shape your behaviour.  CBT helps you discover different and healthier thoughts that can give rise to better ways of dealing with your feelings and the difficulties that arise in relationships.

Counselling can help you focus on your strengths and the positives in your life as a strong foundation for making valuable changes.